Qualtrics available at no cost
Interested in using MySurveys?

All faculty, staff and students at Western and its affiliated colleges can use Qualtrics.  As of May 1, 2109 individual Faculties on main campus are no longer required to 'opt-in' and pay to use the service.

If you have any questions please contact the WTS Helpdesk

Acceptable Use of Qualtrics

As per the Acceptable Use Policy, Qualtrics users agree the platform is to be used solely for authorized academic, administrative purposes, and/or incidental, non-commercial personal use and agree to assume responsibility for any unauthorized use, misuse or illegal use of this computing resource.

Qualtrics users are required to use one of the Western University branded themes located under the Look & Feel tab as to identify the survey as a Western University affiliated survey. 

Qualtrics theme 1 Qualtrics theme 2


Western has partnered with Qualtrics

Western has partnered with Qualtrics, the world's leading enterprise survey technology provider. Qualtrics takes Western University's survey solution to a new level. By partnering with a proven leader in the industry, Western can ensure a single platform for all your survey and data collection needs. Qualtrics offers a survey solution that is easy to use, allows for ultimate flexibility, scalability and a truly secure method of gathering the data you need.

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